Urgent Care Compared to ER

Essen Urgent Care


The Emergency Room

Shorter wait times. Call for a check-in time and we will take care of you ASAP.
Average wait time at emergency rooms are more than four hours.
Lower or No co-payment per visit
Significantly higher ER co-pays
We’ll store your medications, medical conditions and medical history when you come in. If a second visit is needed, we’ll already have your medical records.
Most hospitals don’t have your medical record and you’ll see a physician who isn’t familiar with your history
We can refer you to one of our PCPs in Essen and your information will automatically be updated and stored in our databases.
Your personal doctor likely only gets information about your ER visit if you provide it yourself
Our patients are happy because they have more personal care
The ER is overcrowded and you don’t get the personal touch